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_Personal Information_


My name is Nikolaj Jensen, I'm 20 years old been playing CS since 2005 where i finally could afford a PC that could run the game smoothly. Ever since I've been trying to reach new heights in CS and develop myself. This resulted in different achievements which can be seen under the list ;). 


I'm a welcoming calm guy. I'm motivated, glad and helpful. I've decided to use some of my time to give back what some people learned me when i was a noob back in the days. A lot of awesome stuff will be done throughout my lessons, and I will do whatever I can to answer your questions. 


Your development is my main focus.

Looking forward to meeting you, and remember; Play hard, go pro!


Mentionable Achievements:

Øresund LAN 1# 7-8th Place. (Venomous eSport - Zake, FrozeN, eLax, LagzR, Stampe) 
Gaming4Life #1 13-16th Place. ( - Zake, xpLo, Desura, Sundahl, Bashy) 
TheBlast 2# 13-16 Place.( Zake, DevilFish, xpLo, TyRaNt, Desura) 

Steam Account:

Typical Lesson Plan


A normal lesson will contain an introduction to developing your own skills as a player.

Instead of me saying "I do this, i do that" I will tell you HOW you can improve instead of how I improve.

I know different techniques to improve your aim, gamesense and how to review your demos.


I've got a wide knowledge of the different roles on a team. I've always been a caller / in-game leader, which means I'd also be able to coach a team instead of individual players. I've been playing both rifle & AWP for a long time which gives me a very unique playstyle, i can give you more examples of this when we talk.


Another part of my lesson is going to be:





and of course a lot of small tips that could turn a good player into a great player!


_PERSONAL LESSONS_ (5hour package)

If you're interested in a more "personal" coaching than the one in my standard lessons. I'd happily give you "homework". (An example could be to review 3 of your demos, tell me your flaws and I'll pinpoint the flaws that i found!) This is something we discuss after a lesson in case you want to know more.




:More information to come when I've got more experience with individuals instead of teams!:

List of Achievements

  • UNGL Community Cup #2
  • HLParty #18
  • HLParty #19

My publications

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