“Taking that first step towards your goals is half the battle”

Why choose me

First off, why choose me instead of other wonderful coaches on this page? I believe I have very strong qualities in talking and teaching other people about something I am very passionate about. There are 3 learning styles; visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Through my years in school I have realized about myself that I am learner through the auditory style. This means I have strong qualities in talking about certain topics which in turn lets me absorb information so I can memorize it. I believe this is why you should choose me as a coach because I want what's best for you as it will also help me to become even better in teaching and playing. It is also worth mentioning I have coached players (from reddit) for free a couple of times and after listening to their feedback I worked on how to form out the most effective coaching session. 

My experience as a Counter-Strike player (Over 7000 hours played)

Since I am a huge fan of Half-Life, CS:S got included in the release pack of Half-Life 2. I moderately played CS:S since 2005 and started strongly participating and following the professional scene in 2010. I was in a fairly successful CS:S team by the end of its reign. I have owned CS:GO beta and started regularly playing CS:GO in February 2013, by the time it actually got good. Since then CS:GO has become my passion until this day and my biggest dream is to become a full time CS:GO player. As of right now I am an in-game leader in a reasonably strong team climbing on our way to the top.

I've been in several high profile gaming communities in CS:S and more importantly in CS:GO. I was a manager for Unscrup-Gamers which hosted several of Europe's most popular community servers. I have a lot of experience in server and community managing which in turn contributed to my people skill. If you would have any questions regarding how servers work and what it takes to host them in CS, I am the guy to ask. 


Typical Lesson Plan

I always prefer knowing the skill of the player before the coaching begins so I would like to begin with viewing a demo before the initial lesson but this is not necessary the first time. After that I have something to work with and form out an effective lesson which benefits you most in the end. 

Once I know your general skill level I can determine which category I can put you under so I can adapt to that teaching style. The catogories are as follows: Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced 

Although the session may vary as to form around your own experience and skill I always begin with the basics such as the technical settings behind the game. It is important to utilize and tweak the existing settings to your advantage.

The most crucial part of my coaching style is my ability to answer your questions and your wondering about anything related to CS. Although I am the one leading the session it is also my responsibility to make you comfortable as a student. 

As we go on I will share my tips and "secrets" to what makes a good CS player. These tips and secrets are mostly things that I've learned from my own experience in playing this game for over 8 years. These methods that I share with you are sort of the gateways to become a strong player. They are often not shared by a good player, but taught through experiencing them and naturally learning them. 

At the end of each lesson I will tell you on what you should work on the most. If more lessons are planned it will be easier for me as each thing I tell you to focus on, in a short period of time, will soon help you with the big picture as in becoming a better player. 

Like my status says, my goal is for you to reach yours, which is exactly what I am out after. I will try my best to help you reach any goals you have. If you don't have any goals I will help you set them and help you conquer them. Becoming good in a game like CS is a long-haul process. My job is to make it as fast as possible for you and as smooth as possible. 

List of Achievements

  • 4th-8th in Gfinity January Cup
  • Winner of elitemultigaming 1v1, 2v2 tournament
  • Manager of Unscrup-Gamers

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