“Global looking to help others rank up!!”

My in game name is marley, and my real name is Angel. I grew up in Chicago Illinois, playing hockey at an elite level. I was always a competitive person at everything I did, if I am not winning or seeing results, I will practice endlessly until I see them.


I've been playing counter strike for 13 years now starting in 1.3. I've played in online tournaments, most famously CAL, making it to CAL-Main for 2 seasons, and I've also played in LANs. CSGO to me now is more of a hobby, but I want to be more involved with the community in different ways, I see myself as the veteran of the community, and it would be amazing to help the community grow as much as possible.


To me the strength of the community amazes me so much everyday, in the first couple months to a year I remember seeing the population playing in cs, and I was amazed to see 60k people online at one time. Now it is almost average to see 500k people playing, let's keep that going forever!


Many people don't realize how much of an impact you can have towards a game of CS. Yes it's a team game, but your individual contribution is more important than you think. Your rank is your rank for a reason, not because "my teams suck" or "I get unlucky," ranks are pretty accurate. Many people use this excuse to ignore the flaws in their game.



Typical Lesson Plan

1. First I would like to have the last 3 games played by the student to see what parts of their game is lacking, discuss weaknesses, strengths and their ultimate goals.

2. Discuss what the fundamentals of counter strike are and how we could practice them.

3. Practice each fundamental one by one with student.

4. Discuss and practice the bad habits of the negatives of their game, using their demo replays.

5. Continue to advance them until there are improvements


I want to see improvements in their game, and I will play games with them on faceit to see if the improvements are there. My goal is to make sure the student hits their goals.

List of Achievements

  • CAL-M (Long ago cant remember which season)
  • CAL-IM Playoffs
  • 13 Years of Counter Strike
  • A+ ESEA
  • The Global Elite

Starting to stream now, new cam/mic/PC going to go full stream mode! I hope these new factors will help me establish myself more in the scene.

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