“IGL of team UnknowN, a talented Serbian CS:GO team that competes in the scene and attends lans.”

  • I am Nikola Savković, from Serbia and I'm a 20 year old Global Elite CS:GO player. I have been playing CS:GO since the release and I have around 3000 hours on it.
  • I have played as an AWPer, rifler and support. Now I play as an In Game Leader (IGL).
  • I was playing semi-pro League of Legends in the past and was one of the best mid laners in my country.

I'm currently in a Serbian team called UnknowN, we are trying to break through in the scene and attending a lot of tournaments. We will be attending the International Gaming Festival LAN here in Novi Sad, Serbia on the 11th of July.

I am able to criticise your mistakes, and I can help you to fix them and improve your general game sense. I can work with you to improve borh your matchmaking rank, as well as your teamplay and individual skill.

I have been playing Counter Strike since the CS:GO beta, and before that i had around 4000 hours in COD: MW2 and MW3.

My ESEA profile:

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Typical Lesson Plan

In our lessons, I will be teachigng you the following, or anything you need:

  • Knowlege of the Active Duty maps (smokes, defaults, angles)
  • Crosshair positioning and aiming tips
  • Teamplay
  • Managing your ecenomy
  • When to force buy and when to eco
  • How to play with various guns
  • Angles to hold, etc
  • Strats and executes
  • Proper communication
  • Proper callouts
  • Clutch situations

I will also be reviewing your demos or spectating your games and telling you what mistakes you make, and telling you how to fix them.

And finally, anything specific that you want to work on, I will do it.

List of Achievements

  • Belgrade Open LAN 2016

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