“Always picking up new students! All ranks welcome!”

About me

I play competitive CS for eR on ESEA-IM with experience as an IGL on CEVO-M with playoff experience. I have been playing CS since 1.5 (pre-steam) and started playing competitively in 2011 towards the end of CSS. I play on a daily basis, I'm a huge CS advocate and encourage everyone to strive for perfection. I am also on Master League on FaceIT.

Outside of CS and gaming I served 4 years in Active Duty Army as an Infantryman in various leadership positions with 1 combat deployment to Afghanistan. I am currently a full time student majoring in cyber security with networking and enjoying it!

Coaching Experience 

I've done 15+ 1-on-1 lessons on CSGO School before the shut down and double that in demo reviews with multiple 5 star reviews for my services. I genuinely want to see ALL my students succeed and will put in the time to ensure everyone does. Whether you're a global looking for some constructive cristism or silver-1 my custom sessions cater to all skill levels. I have not and will not ever give someone a "cookie cutter" lesson, all my 1-on-1 sessions are meant for that individual student.

Typical Lesson Plan

Demo Review + Session

Once a lesson has been requested I will require you to send me a demo of any of your games in which you feel you under performed. I will quickly go over it (in video format) and then go over stuff with you that I saw on your demo. This can range from a number of topics such as your aim, crosshair placement, CT and T side setups, meta, economy control and more. Once we have gone over your demo I will give you the opportunity to ask me any questions you may have on any map and side. We can also go over your specific role and how to effectively play it in a team setting. From this point forward I can show you a few tricks and tips then I will ensure you retained all the things we have gone over and once again give you the chance to ask any questions you may have. I will also give you a great warmup regiment to use, to help increase your raw aim with the maps and servers included.

Topics Covered

  • Meta
  • CT & T side setups
  • Positioning 
  • One way smokes
  • Clutching
  • Strats

Follow up services 

At ANY time after our session you may contact me via steam for any questions or concerns, this includes going over something again in a server. I am also willing to do more demo reviews for a fee of 10 USD (PayPal only).

List of Achievements

  • April Cave Monthy Tournament
  • February Cave Monthly Tournament
  • January DC 2016 LAN

I stream occasionally with a focus on CS (league and team oriented play) and H1Z1 KoTK.

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