65 hours given
Rôle Rifle, Leader
Rank The Global Elite
Others Finnish, Swedish, English

“My aim is to improve yours”

- Tired of being stuck at the same rank/elo hell for ages?
- Want to get that extra boost for yourself or your team?
- Or maby you just started CSGO, and want to be able to play without being owned for hours and hours before you start getting the hang of it?

I will turn you into that guy that always gets called a hacker because he consistantly hits his shots and knows his enemy's moves before they're even made. 

I'm a counter-strike enthusiast with over 15 years of experience in the Counter-Strike games, currently ranked The Global Elite. I'm 27 years old and from southern Finland. I work as a commercial pilot and used to work as a flight instructor in a local pilot school. My studies towards becoming a flight instructor have given me a lot of knowledge in different teaching methods as well as the learning process, and I have a lot of experience in teaching both individuals and bigger classes of many students. 

I speak fluent Finnish, Swedish and English. I'm currently not in any team because of my full-time job, but my roles within my previous teams have been rifler/ingame-leader & manager. I've also played loads of other shooters, including Quake live, Unreal Tournament, and countless others. We also hosted a few small tournaments with my previous community, with sponsors and prize money.

What separates me from most of the coaches here is that I have a lot of experience in theory instruction within aviation/military, and because of that reason I would like to expand my instructing career into the game I love the most, Counter-strike Global offensive.

I'm usually available 5-13 hours on my days off work. I don't have a stream or youtube channel yet, but if my coaching lessons become more popular and I feel like it could support my instruction I will put up both a stream and youtube.

I would describe myself as a calm, mature guy, with an immature sense of humor!



My previous teams:

2012-2013 fVic-esports team alpha (ranked top20 on the ESL eu ladder in 2012)

2013-2014 EMGaming

2014 [email protected] esports

2015 Obscene esports


Contact me if you or your team needs coaching!

Typical Lesson Plan

The typical lesson plan for my coachingsessions depends a lot on the current skills and experience of the person I will be coaching. I can teach you a lot about shooting & spray control, AWPing, grenade spots, tactics, movement, defending sites, attacking sites, 2v2/3v3/etc-situations, clutching and pistol round strats to name a few.
Some people have these topics as guides on YouTube, but a lot of them are inexperienced and might teach you ways that won't work on players higher than Silver Elite, or on enemies lower than Distinguished master guardian. I'm here to make sure your questions are awnsered, and that you receive the right training, that will gradually increase in complexity with your own skill - to make sure you won't stagnate, but keep on getting better and better!

The basic knowledge about the theory of CS will get you started, and we will perfect it for you by practice. My aim is to get you on your road to become a pro-gamer. 

We will be practicing during the coaching hours, and I will give you "home work", that will allow you to get the most out of your solo- or teamtraining. A lot in CS is achieved by repetition and practicing on your own:)

So far the best method of teaching these things in CS has been:

Before we start, I'd like to have a look at some of your earlier games/demos, to be able to analyze your playstyle and your weaknesses and strengths.

When we start our session, I like to explain the theory parts first, then demonstrate, and then let you try for yourself.
If you feel that your way of learning is something else, feel free to tell me and we will work out the best solution for you!

List of Achievements

  • Certified teacher/instructor in real life too
  • Winner in the 2v2 challenge in dreamhack summer 2014
  • Fluent Finnish/Swedish/English

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