“Teaching you the basics of CS:GO, and giving you the tools so you can be the best.”


My name is Jonatan, I am currently ranked DMG. I speak Swedish and English.

I specialize in teaching the basics of Counter-Strike, I will for sure be able to get you out of Silver or even Gold Nova with just a few lessons, after that we will work on getting you up to DMG and beyond.

I will teach you how to think when playing, we will most likely focus a lot on your desition making and game sense, but this varies from player to player. In these lessons I will teach you everything from how to peek, move and shoot to throwing grenades and clutching.

I will also be teaching you why you are supposed to act or think a certain way. I will not only be giving you the training that will allow you to get out of Silver or Gold, but I will also give you the tools and mindset to rise further.

Typical Lesson Plan


Every lesson will be costum made to fit you, your rank, your abilities and your flaws.

Before starting our lessons I will either be live spectating or playing a game with you. Based on what I see in that game I will be able to decide what I think we need to be working on. You may also suggest what you would like to improve and we will for sure focus on that too.

Depending on what you want or need to work on there are multiple of different things we can do.

For example:

Movement: kz training, strafing, bunny hopping, stepping, when do sneak/walk/run/jump, boosting, surfing, etc.

Grenades: Grenade spots, when to use grenades, when not to, which grenades to buy when, improvising grenades, etc.

Game sense: How to think/act in certain situations, how to clutch, how to create advantages, when to peek, when to not peek, when to play defensive/offensive, using sound to your advantage, learn to and when to flank/lurk, what to buy and when, etc.

Aim: Different ways of practicing aim, how to handle different weapons, when to tap/burst/spray, crosshair placement, pre-aiming, pre-shooting, etc.

Mindset: How to keep calm, clutching, stay positive, motivate team, how to make amazing comebacks, etc.

List of Achievements

  • TIS Lan 2013

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