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“*NEW COACH SPECIAL* Ex-salaried, ex-sponsored.”

I'm an ex-paid and ex-sponsored CS player, 1v1 event champion in multiple events, and LAN Champion in multiple events, and I'm here to teach legit CS to players who wish to improve themselves, whether you believe to have plateaued at your current skill level, or wish to be event/LAN ready. The focus of my teachings aren't necessarily to increase your rank, but to prepare you to win events, and improve your worth to your team, although, these things will also greatly increase your rank. We will cover the following:

  • Mindset
  • Buys
  • Crosshair placement
  • Optimal settings and netcode
  • Angles
  • Positioning
  • Habits
  • Spray control
  • And many more

At a more advanced level, my coaching will be more-so aimed at meeting your specific taste, whether it be finding your weak points, optimizing your specific playstyle, or even finding your suited playstyle. But it doesn't stop there. I have been playing this game for over 15 years and there's still things that I find myself learning. If you would like a path to follow, or a shortcut through the grueling process of learning the game through trial and error, you have came to the right place!

Typical Lesson Plan

First we will go over your setup and settings, followed by fundamentals and habit based learning. After the previous lessons mentioned, we move on to exercises and methods of practice. Later, we move on to me watching you play, and pointing out errors and mistakes. At more advanced levels, more individual based lessons will be specifically created to maximize learning. 


For beginners:

To recap each scecific point, lesson 1 will mostly be settings and explainations of what to do, and what not to do. If you've evern heard, or mentioned the words "SMG rush", this pertains to you (no offense). I will show you the best ways to practice and improve your aim, and in roughly 15 minutes to adjust to a few changes (can you believe it only takes 15 minutes for the human body to adjust to movement changes in this game?), you will see a massive increase in your performance almost instantaneously. 


For more advanced players:

We first start by identifying your style of play. Your favorite style of play, may not be your best style of play, and your true style of play will become your favorite once you see the shift in your performance. I have played every role on many teams over the years, and whether you awp, rifle, strategize, lurk, open up the rounds with frags, or support the awper or the person opening up with the frags, I can point you in the right direction. 


For players who have surpassed advanced:

You will notice at this level of play, the entire style of play is different. There is no Call of Duty run and gun at this level. At least by the good players. But being Global Elite isn't our goal. Anyone with enough disposable income can buy into this level. Our goal is having the knowledge and skill required to potentially win events and prizes. More than half of my current rig I'm writing this on was either won, or provided to me by sponsors, and 90% of my time playing before retirement, my rank was expired, and left that way, but that is besides the point. At these higher ranks, every move is planned and executed. Now let's say you're on Mirage, and your team keeps getting picked by a pesky awper playing from a seamingly impossible location to draw him out of, do you know what actions to take? Obviously a smoke will help, but once that smoke is down and you've began your execution, do you know what you are doing? Do you know how to step up and lead an onslaught into site, planting the bomb, and securring the plant, and putting that pesky awper in a position where he is forced to expose himself to your advantage? At this stage, these are the type of things we will cover. You will soon find yourself looking at your teammates in a whole different light, and recognizing what they are doing wrong as well, and be able to point it out to them. Before, you might not have had the understanding to even notice what the rest of your team is doing wrong, and stepping up and taking charge and pointing some things out can change the entire direction the game is moving. Let's say your team loses pistol round. Most players will get very discouraged by the likelihood of the game then moving into a 3-0 lead by the other team, but most of the time this is completely normal. Round 1 is a very important round, more so on second half, and when lost, requires a strategic method of buying to set yourself up to turn it around. Many games go from a 3-0 lead to a 3-3 tie, simply because the team that loses pistol round doesn't have a chance to have an efficient buy until round 4 (round 3 if on T side and the bomb has been planted on round 1 or 2). Teamwork is everything when it comes to CS. It can take as little as one player not being on the same page to completely ruin your team. Don't be that guy. 

List of Achievements

  • Ex-pro for SLG
  • Plan XIX Lan
  • ESEA 1v1 monthly
  • ZenGaming 1v1 monthly
  • ESEA AWP Frags monthly
  • 15+ years experience

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