“"Rifler/Semi-Pro Player and here to make you better''”

Hello there! My name is Nick 'Coralus' Jansen

I've been playing CS for over 5 years now, from which 2 in CS:Source and 3 in CS:GO.
In game I am a rifler and usually take the strat-calling upon myself when nobody has put himself out there as a strat-caller.

In those 5 years I've been a part of many different teams, but just didn't quite reach the top. I have a lot of experience playing with semi-pro/pro players like cENTRYZ, Rubino, Flusha, Devilwalk, Xizt etc.

I am able to speak Dutch and English, so communication shouldn't be an issue!

If you're wondering what school /education im attending, it is biological technology at radboud university.


During these lessons I'll take the time for you, and answer anything you have to ask! E.g. Explaining strategies, how to aim, physics, the mental aspect, the physical aspect and anything else requested for.



1.Due to lag issues, I'll not be giving training to people with over a 140 ping.

Also, for the different types of training check the 'Lesson Plan'.
Steam used for training: CoralusRex  (profile with around 1000Cs:Go hours)
IMPORTANT: please don't lie about your ranking or skill level, I am here to help and improve you, dont be afraid to tell me all ur issues etc., because I'll not share any information with others for your own privacy!

Typical Lesson Plan

First I'll get into a Skype or TS conversation with you about what you want to learn or improve. We'll also discuss everything hardware related, from your pc parts, to your monitor and the servers you play on. When you've explained what you want, how and in what time period you want it. I'll go and make a training schedule for you and arrange our meetings.


At our first meeting I'll first check how advanced you already are with the techniques you want to learn (this can be what your mental state is, ur muscle memory etc. Then I'll explain what I think I can improve and will be improving.


The following training(s), I'll use in-deapth explanation and/or video footage to explain the reasoning of and/or how to perform a certain action.


The different types of lessons are:

1. Aimtraining
2. Smokes/nades/flashes explanation and how to perform them
3. Mental preparation and how to deal with a loss/win
4. Physical preparation, what to do when you dont feel comfortable
5. A DEMO-Review, after reviewing this demo I'll give you tips, tricks and/or teach you nades that were usefull but miss-thrown or not thrown at all
6. Strategic planning/how to keep track of the enemies economy

List of Achievements

  • Online Qualifier DHW 2014, unable to go (not enough money for stay)
  • NK Gaming 2013
  • 1v1 LAN, Achterhoek (Nederland, Gelderland)

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