“LE who's in-game leading for Team Cy-Rekt B and loves coaching all roles”

I'm an LE from the East Coast In North America, looking to coach some players / teams for low rates and help them improve! I enjoy coaching and all I'm asking is for the person to have a positive attitude, together sucess is only a few headshots away! 

I am currently the in-game leader of the B team of the CEVO & Faceit group Cy-rekt. We are currently sponsored and play daily.

I like to help others learn in an easy and affordable manner, there won't be any stress or bad impressions because I will be polite and professional with people who desire to learn while trying to format the lesson plan to adapt to them and not make them adapt to my lesson plan.

I have played CSGO for around 700 hours total split over multiple accounts and am now looking to coach those in help. I currently coach 2 teams but am looking for new possibilities. I very much so like the idea of training someone one on one.

I have skype and teamspeak so if you ever want to talk before / after you schedual a coaching session just let me know

I can speak both FRENCH and ENGLISH fluently as well as write in both these languages!!

Typical Lesson Plan

We will be going over the basic smokes/grenades/tactics for every map that you would wish to learn and then delving deeper into some very precise tactics so you can take control of any situation you would desire, including what to do during clutch 1v3's. I will also be helping you pick workshop maps that will help you learn some new skills while helping improve your movement, aim, reflexes and movement / decision making.

From time to time I will ask you to send me a video of you playing so that I can analyze it and give you feedback on how to improve. You are here to learn, not to be yelled at and thus the atmosphere will be relaxed but professional.

There will also be some one on one talk where I will give you in-depth feedback on what your improvements have been and what you need to keep doing. There will be some daily objectives such as being able to master the smokes on Cache or any form of objective to keep you motivated during the training session.

You will only get constructive feedback during the lesson plan so that it can help you focus and improve. Most lesson plans will be divided into categories such as: Movement, aiming, shooting, positioning, crosshair placement, reflexes. Each lesson will adress many of those but can be focused on what you feel you need to practice.

The lesson plans can be custom fitted to you once I know what you wish to practice / what I have seen needs to be done.

For team training I will be helping the team as a unit and also trying to teach the in-game leader new strategies to be used during their training. If the team members want a more one on one style of learning then they will need to ask me personally.

I tend to stream some csgo from time to time but since my CPU got fried I can't stream anymore, waiting until I can buy a new one!

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