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“Personal coaching - structured - communicative - positive atmosphere”

I offer you guys an structured personal coaching,which is going to be configured after we find out your current status.

How we can find out your status?

First of all, we will talk about my person and my coaching.Certainly we will talk about your person and the targets you have. After this we are going to play an ranked match and afterwards we will take the replay to get our first impression about your game. While we watching the replay, I'm going to tell you where I see your strength and weaknesses. Besides that I will show you based on an example my coaching structure.

After this?

  • Creating of an specific coaching plan. [4 Weeks] [8 Weeks] [12 Weeks] Its up to you.
  • Common playing
  • Observing your game
  • Analyse the replay and giving you feedback
  • Helping you with the settings (Config,options and stuff like this)
  • A lot of tutorials
  • Daily communication
  • Reviewing the learning objective for each week.
  • and much more

My target is to reach more out of ambitious player. I will try to get the best out of you and to make you to an better player.


You are not an pro gamer, why should I take this coaching?

Well, I'm playing Counter Strike for an long time and its definitely better to get an long-term coaching. We will not play just one ranked game. No, I decided to make this kind of coaching, because I personally think its better to do an long-term coaching than an short coaching. I promise, its better and you will enjoy your progess while we are coaching you. Besides that normally you pay 50$ for an hour. Sure maybe your positioning is better but more you wont learn.
To sum up: You dont pay 50$ for one hour, you get more than this!

  • Working for more than 4 years as an personal coach for and a lot of experience with personal progress.
  • Experience with Counter Strike since 1.2
  • Steam accounts with a lot of ranks (Global,LEM,AK,Silver...)
  • More than 2000 hours in Counter Strike
  • More than 50 positive feedback
  • and much more


  • Deciding to contact me
  • Message me and let me know that you are messaging me because of coaching
  • After this we will find out an appoitment for our introduction
  • We will talk about your targets, about me and the coaching
  • We are going to analyse your play and talk about your weaknesses
  • YOU decide if you want to take this coaching
  • Afterwards I will create a personal coaching for you
  • And last but not least you have to play,play and one more time play. „smile“-Emoticon

You will get full support while the coaching and I wont let you alone, so you dont have to be afraid that I wont talk with you. While the coaching goes on, we are going to talk all the time.

Let me try to show you that the coaching will help you, and after this you can decide if you are interested or not!


These following packages are available:

Packet coaching [includes 6 hour/ each week + self performance, up to your time]

2-weeks-coaching plan - Price: 80€

4-weeks-coaching plan - Price: 150€

8-weeks-coaching plan - Price: 200€

12-weeks-coaching plan - Price: 250€

Hour coaching [invidual practise - Youre requirement will be for free]

1-hour-coaching -Price: 10€

3-hour-coaching -Price: 25€

If you got questions, feel free to message me.

Best Regards,

Typical Lesson Plan

Contact me for more Informations and Screens and Examples

Meo is a streamer and is very dedicated to interact with his viewers ★ Currently he mainly plays Counter-Strike:Global Offensive ★ Dawid Krüger ★ 25 years old ★ from Unna/Germany ★ born in Bytom/Poland

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