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Nemix made his first big impression by beating members from SEED GamingDeimos Esports and compLexity. Taking out some of these players as a new upcoming SC2 player was very impressive.[to whom?] Show-matching over 15 different players in the past four months, he has made a name for himself in the StarCraft community.[Citation needed] After finishing in the round of 8 at ECSS, Nemix achieved grandmaster on the North American server, by beating EG's iNcontroL. Finishing last season in the top 100 players on the American server, Nemix took his gameplay to the Korean scene, placing in masters league. Nemix has now decided to compete for No Dice Gaming, he will be representing them at MLG and TCS Atlanta.

Nemix streams regularly, competing in online tournaments, and coaching. He's one of the more active Grand Masters on the North American server.[Citation needed] He has a good reputation[to whom?] for helping the community and being friendly with new players. Nemix hosts arcade nights with donators from his stream on Friday nights on stream.

After joining No Dice Gaming, Nemix released his sadness for the disbandment of the IvDgaming Academy, but stated that he is much happier on his new team.[Citation needed] His stream recently went through a remake and he is currently scheduled to compete in 3 new tournaments. Hoping for him to show at MLG, fans have been very supportive of his new team as well as his decision to get right back into competing.[Citation needed] MLG's open bracket will have a few players from No Dice Gaming, including Nemix.

Nemix recently picked up a personal sponsor from a new computer company, named Technical PC! They have offered his viewers on his stream discounts on all merch from their online store. Nemix took the offer now having a individual sponsor going into the following tournaments coming up! No contract between him and the sponsor have been signed.

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2 Time North American server GrandMaster (Season 1, 2014)
  IDNameLeagueHighest RankRace
USA Zerg Nemix Rob Kwasniak Grand-Master League 68th Zerg


In Minor Tournaments
2014-05-10 1st Game Alley Summer Jam 2014 3 : 0 Zerg Choas $50
2014-02-01 2nd TCS New York 2014 1 : 3 Protoss Greed $500
2014-01-18 4th ECSS Baltimore 2014 2 : 3 Terran Ravid $250
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